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Caravanning with Dogs ! Tips for travelling with your best dog friend! Dog Friendly Caravan Park 15 minutes drive from York – Allocated 7 acres dog walk on site – Dog Wash Point – Off lead walking in the adjacent Woodland nearby – We are the perfect Caravan Park for you and your doggy to have the best holiday!
Top Tips for Caravanning with your 4 legged best friend!:

Caravan Park York

Travelling with dogs

It’s now law in the UK that dogs & other animals are restrained in either the towing vehicle or motorhome. Specially designed leads clip into a seat belt on one end & onto a dog harness at the other, or dogs can travel in a dog crate.

When travelling with a dog allways make sure you take a water bowl & stop frequently. It’s best to stop every 2.5 -3 hours at a service station to allow your dog to stretch their legs and have a break too.  Obviously, older dogs might need more frequent breaks.

Once you arrive on site & when setting up your caravan or motorhome it’s a good time to set up the dog lead too. A long (non-extendable) lead can be looped around the jockey-wheel for caravans, or through the alloy wheel of a motorhomes. Or dog lead attachment points, such as metal spikes, can be inserted into the grass. Allways make sure you allow your dog to have some freedom to move around your unit but not too far to become a nuisance to other pitches at the caravan site.

Dogs on campsites

When on site there are just a few rules of etiquette on a caravan site. Try to keep barking to a minimum, make sure you always clean up any mess, and try to encourage the dog to “go” in a designated dog exercise area of the caravan park – Most will have these. These areas sometimes allow you to take the dog off the lead too, as keeping a dog on a lead throughout the rest of the caravan park will be necessary.

Also, make sure your dog doesn’t wander onto other people’s pitches on the caravan park

Don’t leave your dog unattended in your caravan or motorhome for long periods of time. There may be times when they’ll need to be left for a short time at the caravan park (such as going to the shops, using the on-site facilities, or for other short periods) In these instances, use some common sense.

If it’s a warm day, never leave dogs alone. A caravan or motorhome sited on a caravan site will become quite hot, even on a mild day with skylights open & window blinds closed.  Also, if your dog gets easily distressed, keeping a dog alone in a leisure vehicle with unfamiliar surroundings and smells can cause a dog to bark and become quite anxious. If you do need to leave your dog for a short time then close the blinds, put the radio on, and make sure they have a bowl of water and are settled.

A top tip for feeding your dog, especially if it eats dry food is to create separate meal packs, using sandwich bags to hold each meal. Or measure out meal portions into a container so you only need to take the exact amount of food for your dog. Prepare these before you head off and store them away in your leisure vehicle

caravan park york
Dog Walking – Old York Forest – Caravan Park York

Dog accessories when touring

Don’t forget to take their bed when you go off touring, and a few favourite toys and blankets that have a familiar scent on them, as well as towels for those wet walks or a swim in the sea, and not forgetting the all-essential poo bags!
Other useful accessories to take the the caravan park for a holiday with dogs include pup tents & dog beds – some come with detachable shades, which are useful at the beach or caravan park to give your dog some shade on hot sunny days.

There are plenty of collapsible water bowls which you can either clip onto a bag or carry with you to fill up with water on days out so your dog stays hydrated.  Poop bag holders are useful in locations where doggy bins are not readily available.

Pet accessories for the touring caravan include portable showers to clean down a muddy dog and very large microfibre towels to dry off a wet pup too, or even a dog “drying bag”  for cleaning muddy paws before they step into your ‘van.

In the summer months, cooling mats offer a dog a cool bed to lay down on and cool off. Finally, can create an enclosed space for your dog to roam off lead

Windbreak manufacturers like Isabella also have gates that can be installed to help create a secure enclosure, plus an awning will provide a great place for your dog to relax.

Don’t forget to check your dog regularly for fleas and ticks, particularly if they love running through long grass, paying particular attention to their neck, ears and around their tummy.  Regular flea, tick and worming treatment will also help keep things at bay

If you choose to visit Old York Forest for you doggy holiday feel free to book our local Secure Dog Walking Field – a short drive from our caravan site

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