Awning Rules for Old York Forest Caravan Site

Awnings during the Main Season (1st March-31 Oct):
Awnings are allowed to stay up between visits provided they have storm straps. Your caravan must be fully insured. You must be prepared to come over and maintain the awning periodically or if severe wind is forecasted etc. All awnings must have Storm Straps (attached on hard standing within 4 to 5 inches of the grass so we can mow around safely – not on the grass) Patio furniture is fine to remain in the awning, however no pallet flooring must be installed also cooking or electrical equipment must not be left in there unattended, no domestic carpet or soft furniture please as it attracts vermin (camping flooring only please) The awning must be safe and secure.

Awnings during the Winter period (1st Nov – 31 Feb)
As a rule Awnings must come down by the 31st October and the pitch must be tidied and cleared apart from your van water fittings and electric lead.
However you may ask for permission to keep the awing up during this period if you meet the following criteria:
1 – You have a suitable & strong all weather awning
2 – You have storm straps and liability cover
3 – You will need to be able to travel to site within 1.45 hours in case of a severe weather warning & be prepared to cove over if there is a bad forecast or if we think its unsafe to keep up. You must also be able to come over and check on it / tighten the straps once a month or so.
4 – Basic patio furniture must be stored only please, we cannot risk the wind blowing personal possessions all over the camp in a storm.

Note for 2024 :
During winter 2023 across the area we experienced heavy rainfull which led standing water on 4 or 5 pitches. We aim to raise those pitches in Spring this year. However, please note that in periods of severe weather we cannot be liable for any water ingress in your awning. The awning is a canvas structure , not a domestic room. Please furnish it appropriately using water-proof / plastic / metal fittings.
Thankyou, Kerry 🙂